In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful, the Exclusively Merciful

                                      As-Salaamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu


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             Alhamdulillaah, CRIS was founded by Dr. Noorul Hussain K. in 2012 to propagate Islam in all over the world. The efforts of CRIS have been well received in most parts of the world especially in USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, India, etc.

           The Urdu Books of the Week:

1.   Namaaz mein Baar Baar parhi jaane wali 17 Suratien by Dr. Hussain

2.   Qur’anic Arabic Grammar by Dr. Hussain

3.   Hifz-ul-Hadith (Sahih Bukahri ki 100 Mukhtasar magar Jaami’ Ahadith) by Dr. Hussain

4.   Zindagi Jeene ka Fun by Dr. Hussain

     The English Books of the Week:

     1. The Criterion new by Dr. Hussain

2.    Memorizing the Hadith (English) (100 short, but very important Ahadith from Sahih Bukhari) new by Dr. Hussain

3.   The Keys to Jannah  by Dr. Hussain

4.   How to Find the True Religion by Dr. Hussain

5.   Straight Answers to the Controversial Questions About Islam  by Dr. Hussain

6.   The Truth about the Bible by Dr. Hussain

         To propagate Islam, CRIS conducts the following short courses in Urdu, Hindi and English worldwide:

1)           Deeniyaat Course: Many Muslims follow Islam without knowledge and keep making mistakes even in basics. This 6 hour course teaches the basics of Islam, like Ghusl, wudhu, Salaat, Dua wa Adhkaar, etc. as per the Quran and the Sunnah. These 6 hours are covered in 3 days.

2)           Marital Life Refreshment Course: Most married couples are living unhappily with each other and many of them end their marriage which badly affects not just them, but also their children and their parents for their entire life. This 6 hour course helps couples refresh their relationship, and lead a happy married life, bi-iznillaah. These 6 hours are covered in 3 days.

3)           Parenting Course: This 6 hour course helps parents raise their children with Islamic Values, bi-iznillaah. It helps parents deal with their children efficiently,bi-iznillah. These 6 hours are covered in 3 days.

4)           Soul Purification Course: Destructive emotions create problems in life and make the life unhappy. This 6 hour course helps people deal with destructive emotions, like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, etc. and helps people use constructive emotions and live peacefully, bi-iznillah. These 6 hours are covered in 3 days.

5)           The Bible Course: This 14 hour course exposes the Bible and prepares Muslims to tackle with their Christian friends with proofs and invite them to Islam effectively and efficiently, bi-iznillaah. These 14 hours are covered in 7 days.

              INVITE CRIS:

              If you want to organize any/all of these courses in your da’wah centre, mosque or school/college. Just email us. We will arrange these courses at your place free of cost, in shaa Allaah, even if there are a few students.

          CONTACT CRIS:


           B. B. ROAD

           SHAHPUR – 585223


          PHONE: 0091 9743314049